Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas gifts

I'm not the best gift buyer. I never know what to get for anyone (my husband in particular). But he always knows what to get me. A book. I'm always excited when I see those flat packages all wrapped up in shiny paper because I'm pretty sure I'm going to love whatever is inside. Sometimes he brings home novels, like Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. Other times, like this Christmas, he buys me books on writing. This latest addition to my collection, Writing and Selling the YA Novel, looks like it will be a fun and educational read. Can't wait to snuggle up with a highlighter and my new book!


  1. I'm a fan of books, too; books are what our children bought for each other this Christmas. It's great watching Rebecca (not yet five) read the book her brothers bought for her.

  2. we always give at least three books to our kids each Christmas, too. And I love that they love to read them! They always push them aside as they check out the toys they got, but then it never fails, they pick up the books and read :)

  3. YAY, Gaylene has a blog! Now you have to write unwritten stories about your kiddos :)
    And i agree with you guys are so hard to shop for but we (women) are like an open book. We have so many things we love that you cannot go wrong when buying a gift.
    How are you guys? we miss you!