Wednesday, December 29, 2010


One of my favorite things about writing is doing the research. When I’m in the middle of a story and get to a spot where I think, “I have no idea if this vitamin supplement would increase brain function,” I go and look it up. Some of these odds and ends and bits of random trivia include:

Cyberpunk stuff
Medieval food
Post scarcity
Magician tricks
Retro futurism
Superhero traits
The physics of time travel
Ways to improve memory

Every time I start a new fictional story, I’m amazed at the real things I learn along the way. Even though several of my manuscripts will never see the light of day, I learned something while writing them. Who knows, maybe parts of those bottom-of-the-drawer stories will turn up someplace else. Writing is never wasted if it helps me learn something along the way.

And maybe all that stuff about transhumanism will come in handy someday. You never know.


  1. You could contribute to Wikipedia articles (and sort of self-pblish)--unless you're like me and do all your research there...

  2. Loving the post. The layout is terrific. And don't let me get going on the lovely words to start off the whole thing off. ... too late.......

    "Unwritten." add to that: "Much ado about nothing from a YA/MG author."

    Put it all together, mix it up. and you have just given us pure gold in the post.

  3. Thanks Angie! Just what I needed to hear.
    And Clark, I write fiction for a reason...not so comfortable writing things that are supposed to be true. Thus the fact that I am no longer a newspaper reporter :)