Saturday, January 15, 2011

15 cool things to do when it’s cold

I’m a list maker. I even have a List Yourself journal. Yep, and I actually write in it on occasion. So here’s a list to help you beat the winter blahs! You’re welcome, ahead of time…

  1. Go sledding at night (Sure, you could break your neck…but if not, won’t it be fun?)
  2. Read a good book (check out my goodreads list for ideas)
  3. Add cinnamon and nutmeg to your cocoa (or to everything. Yum.)
  4. Catch snowflakes on your tongue (just make sure they aren’t yellow snowflakes)
  5. Learn how to ski (but don’t run into the ski lift pole, like I did once. Trust me, it’s embarrassing to have everyone bouncing around in those little chairs, staring down at you.) (And when the handsome ski patrol guy appears out of nowhere, it’s even more mortifying.)
  6. Build an igloo (and live in it! Bet you never did that before.)
  7. Take a long, hot bath (while reading a good (waterproof) book)
  8. Use a fruity lotion that reminds you of summer (it’s even better if it has a warmish-type name, like Forever Sunshine)
  9. Take lots of pictures (then later, when it’s sizzling outside, you’ll look at them and think, “good times”) (even if you aren’t thinking “good times” right now)
  10. Do something nice for someone in secret (this isn’t just a nice idea at Christmas time)
  11. Smile, especially in January when everything is gray and cold (even if it freezes your teeth, and possibly the spit in your mouth)
  12. Write your life story (see “write your story” in my archive)
  13. Go bowling (bowling in Hawaii would be an even smarter thing to do)
  14. Avoid toxic people (the weather is dreary enough already)
  15. Snuggle up with a good book (oh, did I already mention this? I’m all about literacy.)

Let me know how these things work out for you! And stay tuned for more amazing and highly useful lists like this one…

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