Thursday, January 6, 2011

a little story

Are fiction writers simply great liars?

Here’s a little dialogue with my four year old that made me think about this question…

Me: What’s your favorite cookie?

4yrold, after thinking for a moment: The jam cookies my grandfather and I used to make together. (He says this in all seriousness, as if he always calls his grandpa “Grandfather” and as if he makes cookies with his grandpa all the time…)

Me (after laughing for a few minutes): Which “grandfather” did you make those cookies with?

4yrold: Grandpa R. He gave me the recipe. You put jam on the cookies, then stick them in the oven. They make me feel really cozy and warm.

So, this doesn’t have anything to do with writing, except that my kids seem to be really good liars story-tellers. Like, they don’t even have to think about it, the words just flow naturally. My oldest son told his first grade teacher a few years ago that he was an orphan. Most of their lies stories aren’t even made to keep them out of trouble, they’re just random bits of imagination.

Unfortunately, they inherited this quality from me. I had the same problem when I was little. I told people I was part Indian, that I was adopted, and that I had a magical wishing well that really worked. And now I write fiction.


  1. Fiction is a lie. Good fiction is the truth in a lie. STEPHEN KING

  2. One day my son came home and said, he was so sad. It was because your son told him you were moving.

    You are all good storytellers. ;)