Friday, January 14, 2011

a struggle for power and a story about a toe

My family has visited the doctor's office too many times this year, but we had to take a special trip to a children's hospital last Wednesday.

Me: What's this growth on the tip of my son's toe?
Dr.: Congratulations. It's a new toe. Now go get an x-ray so we can cut it off.

Okay, it wasn't exactly like that. The doctor used a lot of words I didn't understand. That was what I got out of the brief conversation. We'll probably have to get that extra toe removed one of these days. Although he sort of likes the attention he gets because of it. He'll just have to find a new way to get attention, I guess.

But, as I walked through the hospital, I couldn't help feeling overwhelmingly thankful that we were only there because of a weird foot problem, and nothing more serious than that. I know what goes on in the upper floors of a children's hospital.

We all experience things that make us feel weak or rejected or miserable. A job loss, a rejection by your dream editor, a broken heart. We've all seen people who have been crippled by their challenges. They don't dare to search for a new job. They feel one rejection proves they will never be good enough. They won't allow their heart to ever love again.

We've also see human resilience at work. People find a new, more satisfying career path. They revise their story until they get it right. They forgive and move on. These people develop an inner power from overcoming their struggles, and greater empathy for others.

I'm all for greater power. But for now, I'm just glad we'll only be dealing with a few stitches. 


  1. The official term is Subungual Fibroma Extosis. Check it out on wikipedia. Pretty weird stuff :)

  2. I had to add that first comment because it's my reporter part of my brain at work. I like facts when I read a story.