Wednesday, February 16, 2011

should books be rated?

Ashley Harward 's recent blog posting made me stop and think about that question. I've put down books that were offensive, but I'd never considered a rating system for children's literature before. She makes a valid point.

Parents buy books in the children's section, thinking they are safe for any 14 year old. It's the children's section, after all. Many YA and middle grade books are safe. But parents should definitely worry about what their kids are reading. Racy YA stories are targeted to 14 to 18 year olds, although children as young as 8 read them.

Would a rating system help you as a parent or a reader? I think it would be great to know I could pass by certain books because they have  foul language or other inappropriate content.

What do you think?

Visit Ashley's blog here.

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  1. here are some links someone sent to me on the topic:

    A site that is making an effort. You can get details on the books they have listed.

    Cast your vote on the rating subject.

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