Thursday, April 28, 2011

thanks a lot, tooth fairy...

Yep. We've got a ditzy tooth fairy at hour house.

My daughter was so excited to lose her second front tooth, because now she looks like all of her other toothless friends. She carefully put her tooth in the pocket of the official tooth doll that hangs on her bedroom door, and told me several times how excited she was that a fairy would be visiting that night.

Well, the tooth fairy forgot to come. This morning at breakfast my 7 year old was moody and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. Then when I was getting dressed, it hit me. The tooth fairy FORGOT about her!

Yeah, I write fiction, but sometimes I get tired of living it--having to remember to be Santa, and the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy. I'm just not that into holidays, so I forget.

To make it up to my daughter, I slipped a dollar into her backpack with a sticky note that said, "I got lost last night. Sorry it's late. Love, The Tooth Fairy."

She was really excited when she saw it before school this morning, then looked at me funny. "Her handwriting looks like yours," she said.

I can write fictional characters, but I guess I'm no good at being one.


  1. Lol! That's hilarious. My 7-year-old daughter's friends are all writing to fairies and then their "fairies", aka mom, write them back. Well I got hounded in the grocery store by my daughter's best friend's mom for being a delinquent "fairy." Too busy writing about them to actually be one! I made it up to her though, with purple sparkly, loopy handwriting. Ah, the magic of childhood.

  2. Liesl, I guess I should be glad I'm not a full-time fictional fairy. Once or twice a year sounds much easier now!

  3. glad you could enjoy my pain, Rachel :)

  4. My son has FOUR very loose teeth and he refuses to wiggle them or let anyone touch them. I wish he was more excited to lose them.

  5. That's funny, jenilyn. I hope the tooth fairy has lots of cash on hand if they all fall out at the same time...

  6. I wondered if my boys would recognize my writing when they read their postcard from the Easter Bunny (they wrote to him to ask him to come on Saturday instead), but luckily they were clueless. Too bad Ashley isn't as oblivious. Good save though. :)

  7. my kids have never noticed that Santa and their dad have the same handwriting...