Friday, April 15, 2011

writing, I miss you!

As I've mentioned before, my family will move across the country soon.

Right now we're in a two-story house with a basement, but we'll be moving into a three bedroom apartment. It has been a full time job, practically, trying to decide what to take and what to get rid of. We've acquired quite a bit of stuff in our nearly 11 years of being married with children. I haven't been able to find time or brain power to write.

But I miss it.

The fact that I miss writing has surprised me. I was so tired of editing the same story over and over and over this last year that I was ready to give up on writing forever. I'm not cut out for this editing business, I'd decided. And good writing means good editing. So it must not be for me.

Unfortunately, my brain hasn't had time to convince my heart. The stories are still there, and I want to write them down. And I still want to edit. In fact, I can't stop thinking about it. Crazy, I know.

In a few months, when things settle down, we'll strike up our old friendship and see where things go from there. Maybe I'll fall in love with that over-edited story once again.


  1. I know how you feel! But sometimes it's good to have a break and discover just how much you really do love writing.

    As for the moving and downsizing, I must tell you it's very freeing. We lived in a 2 bedroom, 1000 sq. ft condo with our three children and I have to say it's was very liberating to just get rid of stuff because we simply had no room. We're in a considerably larger space now, but we always try to stick with the basics.

  2. It has been good to have a break. And you're right, Liesl, it has been great to downsize and just think about the basics. I think I'll try to stick with that when we have more room in a few years!

  3. A good time to read a little Thoreau, yes? :)

    Some of my best writing times happen after a dry spell. The editing bit definitely can get a little draining, so having another new project to work on at the same time can save your sanity sometimes. I hated Hepziba so much at one point that I let it sit for a full year. When I started again, I had to have two other projects going at the same time, just to force myself to keep working on it.

    I'm glad you're not dumping writing, but I'm going to miss you. :(
    You should join our One Page a Day blog:

  4. Thoreau? easy reading. :)
    After we move I will join your group, Elena. And next time I'll try to force myself to write something just for fun as I'm editing, so I don't forget how much I like creating stories!

  5. and we had such a hard time going from our 3 bedroom house to a 2-bedroom apartment, so i totally understand the difficulties there. when we arrived here we also realized that we STILL had brought too much and had to yet again get rid of things. we have a pile of empty plastic bins that have been in the middle of our bedroom for the last 8 months b/c we have nowhere they can go.

    but you can do it! it's pretty refreshing to know you don't have to live with so much. and to feel like you're cleaned out to the bare minimum. a friend of mine told me it's good for the soul to declutter and clean out, that it cleans out your mind too. i believe it. and once it's done, there'll be all that extra space in there for loving your books and your characters again.

  6. nice thought, Shar! It really has felt "good for the soul" to clean things out.