Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hi. My name is Gaylene, and I love scrabble.

I know, I know. In public I claim I don't like playing games, but I secretly enjoy almost anything involving words. Whoonu, Apples to Apples, Beyond Balderdash. I like them all. It's probably because I'm full of stories (or full of hot air, not sure yet).

This article from the New York Times added a new game to my list of favorites--The Paperback Game. If you don't feel like heading over to the NYT, I'll sum it up for you.

Grab a stack of genre books (mysteries, westerns, get the idea), and some paper and pencils. One person picks up a novel, reads the back cover out loud, then everyone writes down what they imagine the first line of that book would be. The one who initially chose the book will write down the real first line. Then, like in Balderdash, the entries are read and voted on. If someone picks your fake first line, you get a point. If you  choose the real first line, you get two points. Go around the table until everyone has a chance to pick a novel from the pile.

It sounds like fun! I don't own many paperback genre books (mostly just middle grade, YA, and picture books), but I guess I could check out a stack from the library.

But watch out, this game could be dangerous. You might walk away with several perfect first lines (or entire plot ideas, even!) for a few Shiny New Stories. Once those creative juices start flowing they might just take over...


  1. Oooh, I love Scrabble! We have Scrabble tournaments at my house. This paperback game sounds like a lot of fun too. Right up my alley. Is it too early for Christmas shopping?! ;-)

    Nice to meet you, Gaylene.

  2. It's about time I had a good Scrabble tournament with gummy bears on the side...Haven't had one for a while!

  3. Do you play Speed Scrabble? We're addicted over here. Your paperback game sounds fun.

  4. I'll have to look it up, Elena. I've never heard of it!