Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ten fascinating facts about driving across america

My family moved across the country this week. Here's what I learned during our four day drive:

1. America is beautiful. There is so much variety, it's amazing (except, sorry Kansas, I fell asleep as we drove through you and missed most of your scenery).
2. There are lots of dirty restrooms in America. One of them is in a parking lot in Missouri and the door doesn't close, so I wouldn't recommend stopping there.
3. Illinois (or was that Kentucky?) has the best rest-stop I've ever seen--right on the border of a lake! But if you stop there, watch out for spider webs. They are everywhere.
4. The back of a Penske truck isn't the most interesting thing to stare at, unless you need to memorize their phone number (it's 1-800-go-penske, if you wanted to know)
5. Listening to books on CD is great, but not for four days straight.
6. Nashville isn't like a country-style-version of Las Vegas. I wouldn't recommend going there with that expectation.
7. There's a place called Metropolis in the middle of nowhere, and you can get superman stuff at the gas station. Apparently the town has a giant superman, but I didn't get to see it.
8. I did see a two-story cow in Georgia. But you don't want to stop there, because the flies could literally drive you crazy if you stay too long.
9. Lots of people use walki-talkies, so you might not want to say anything on them that you don't want other people to hear.
10. The longest stretch of road is the hour or two right before you reach your destination. It goes so. so. slow. 

Despite the Flies of Insanity, and bathroom doors that don't close, it was a nice un-eventful trip. But now I can't wait to unpack, settle down, then get back to writing again....